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I’m Gavin Duffy, a PhD student and member of the Platform Pedagogies group, as well as being generally in charge of maintaining this website. On this section of the website, I’ll be detailing the, hopefully numerous, things we’ve done as a group in a digestible manner.

If you have any questions in general regarding the website, the project, or anything else which is related, feel free to contact me at: and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.






AoIR 2019 – Brisbane – Trust in the System – October 2-5

The group went to AoIR to present a panel on the platformisation of education, titled Platform Pedagogies: Learning, Authorising and Validating Trust in Education. Click the title above or here for a summary of the day’s events. Click here for the full PowerPoint presentation.

Datafying childhood. Can schools or families resist? – August 30

This event brought together scholars related to datafication, childhood, and privacy in order to address concerns around how the actions of children, both in and out of school, are becoming increasingly monitored and datafied using digital technology. Click the title above or here for a summary of the day’s events.


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